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Ontario Association of Rehabilitation Nurses

The Ontario Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (OARN) is the professional association for rehabilitation nurses in Ontario, Canada. We are an interest group of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO).

The list of OARN Executive members and contact information for 2016 can be downloaded here.

It is the mission of the OARN to:

Rehabilitation Nurses

What do Rehab Nurses Do?

Our members practice a philosophy of care based on rehabilitative and restorative principles.

Rehab nurses help individuals affected by chronic illness or physical disability to adapt to their disabilities, achieve their greatest potential, and work toward productive, independent lives. They take a holistic approach to meeting patients' medical, vocational, educational, environmental, and spiritual needs. ARN, 2005

The Many Roles of a Rehabilitation Nurse

Rehab nurses often undertake several roles in rehabilitation and complex continuing care environments:

Where do Rehab Nurses Work?

You can find us attending to the healthcare needs of many of Ontario's 13.5 million residents in a variety of settings:

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