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Checking the Pulse is an update containing policy and political action items of interest to the OARN community.

RNAO Working Group Opportunity for Members

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

posted: 20 January 2014

thumbnail FASD Presentation
Dear OARN Members:
At RNAO´s AGM in 2012, a resolution was passed to have RNAO advocate for an integrated strategy to address Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).
This issue was highlighted in the Nov./Dec. 2013 issue of the RN Journal and was reinforced in a presentation made by two RNAO members before the Select Committee on Developmental Services last week in London (PDF document).
The Working Group would like to continue its advocacy work and hopes to expand its membership to include other RNAO members who have an interest in or passion for, this particular issue and its health, educational and justice implications.
The contacts for the group are Kathy Layte (kvlayte@rogers.com) and Mary Mueller (mmueller@regionofwaterloo.ca).
Irene Simpson
President, Ontario Association of Rehabilitation Nurses

Concussion/mTBI Summit Featured in ONF's NeuroMatters

posted: 6 August 2013

The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation Summer 2013 publication of NeuroMatters features an article about the Third Summit of the Concussion/mTBI strategy in March 2013.

The article (pdf format) NeuroMatters Summer 2013 Issue 22 is available on the ONF website.

Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Strategy Summit

posted: 5 December 2011

The 2nd Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Strategy Summit was held on October 28th 2011. The Summit began with Dr. Mark Bayley, Chair of the Concussion/mTBI Strategy, welcoming everyone.

Mark gave an overview of the prevalence of concussion/mTBI, and reviewed the reasons for a provincial strategy and why the time is right to move it forward. He spoke about the objectives of the previous Summit held in April 2010 and remarked that much progress had been made since then; including the development of a Coordinating Committee and five Working Groups that have been strategizing, putting plans into place and conducting specific activity to move the strategy forward.

Mark outlined the goals of the present Summit as follows:

The morning was spent highlighting certain elements of progress through presentations in order to bring everyone up to date, followed by getting feedback and consensus on the Business Plan. The afternoon was spent discussing how we would evaluate some of the work we intend to do, and exploring how to move from planning to implementation.

The Vancouver Charter on Skiing Safety

This timely and relevent publication is available here for you to download and distribute.

This charter was presented at the Winter Helmet Forum: Ski & Snowboarding – Put a Lid on It event held in Vancouver on November 20th in the context of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

From inside:

In Canada, it is estimated that 87.5% of skiing and snowboarding deaths have been caused by a head injury. More specifically, traumatic brain injury, which appears to be increasing, has been reported to account for 50 to 88% of all fatalities at ski resorts and 67% of all skier deaths in children.

Policy and Political Action Update

Hello OARN Members

Please follow the RNAO link http://www.rnao.ca/policy to view information on Health and Nursing Policy.

Categories include:

We strongly encourage you to keep up-date on the issues facing Health Care and Nursing.

Sincerely, Nancy Boaro and Nicholas Joachimides

Co-Chairs of Policy and Political Action

updated: May 2013 with new link

OARN Takes Political Action

From The Rehab Relay, newsletter for the OARN, Winter/Spring 2007

November 27, 2006 - The OARN wrote to the Hon. George Smitherman, Minister of Health and Long Term Care for the Province of Ontario, to communicate support for the principles and recommendations of the Toronto Acquired Brain Injury Network's planning document, A Framework for the Future Planning of Publicly Funded Acquired Brain Injury Services in Toronto.

The letter, from Doris Grinspun, Executive Director RNAO and Kathi Colwell, President OARN, concludes:

As the health system is being transformed and renewed, we commend this excellent report, highlight it for your consideration, and urge targeted funding for this vulnerable population of patients in our care.
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